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Into the Woods - Creative Cauldron

"The most memorable songs of Into the Woods are ballad-like ones that evoke emotions of wonder, desire, and desperation. "Giants in the Sky," a lovely solo by Brett Klock as Jack, captures the spirit of the show, a hope for something more that is just out of reach." - Hannah Wing, Broadway World

"Memorable characters include the innocent and endearing Jack (Brett Klock)" - Jeannette Mulherin, MD Theatre Guide

Rocky Horror 5.jpg

The Rocky Horror Show - Iron Crow Theatre

"Showstoppers include Weiss (Walker) and Major’s (Klock) rendition of “Damn It Janet"...each number delivered with notable solo and ensemble vocal and dance talent." - Jeannette Mulherin, MD Theatre Guide

Bare: A Pop Opera - Iron Crow Theatre

"Brett Klock as Peter is so darn cute you just want to give him a hug and tell him, ‘that’s all right, sweetie, everything will work out.’ Watching Klock navigate his emotional roller coaster with the exuberance of a labradoodle puppy one minute and the broken-hearted lover sure he is unlovable the next is worth the ticket ten times over. His vocals are every bit a match for his co-star Eisenhour’s, and their chemistry is palpable." - Timoth David Copney, MD Theatre Guide

"Brett Klock is the protagonist as Peter, and his voice is ethereal. He hits high notes effortlessly, and he has a verge of tears look sometimes that plucked at my heart strings. His songs such as the titular "Bare" and "See Me" are particularly poignant. He looks every part the struggling school boy and he embodies this role whole-heartedly." - B.I.T.R. Sisters

"When you know the characters are hurtling towards a messy conclusion, it enhances the emotional impact of songs like “Role of a Lifetime.” Klock excels in communicating his conflicted feelings about hiding his relationship in “See Me,”  where Peter attempts to come out via phone to his mother, Claire." - Darby DeJarnette, DC Metro Theater Arts

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